The Skinny Man’s Diet to pack on mass

Start Eating!

If you’re a skinny person and are trying to gain weight and muscle, the number one thing you should be focusing on is eating, eating some more, and then once you’re done eating, eat some more! I cannot stress that enough. Don’t get me wrong, the workout is important as well, but if you’re working out more calories than you’re taking in, you aren’t going to achieve the results you want. I suggest setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to eat every 2 hours. Even if all you can eat is a little snack after 2 hours, still eat it. You want to try and eat as much as you can throughout the day.

ImageEat Healthy

As well as eating as much as possible throughout the day, you want to make sure what you’re actually eating is healthy. If you’re consuming fast food and/or junk food all day, it is not going to do anything. With your fast metabolism, those types of foods are going to go through you so fast and have no effective results to what you’re trying to do. When buying food at the grocery store, you’ll want to be looking for a few things.

  1. High protein
  2. High carbohydrates
  3. Low sodium
  4. Low sugar

Try and buy only foods that match those descriptions, and bon appetit!

Make an Eating plan, and make it a habit

I understand everyone’s schedule is different, so trying to put up an actual plan to follow for everyone throughout the day won’t work. So I’m going to put up more of a suggestion, and you plan around it accordingly to your own schedule.

  • 7am: big breakfast – make sure you get both protein and carbs here
  • 8am: small snack – maybe some veggies or fruit for some extra carbs
  • 10am: small meal – maybe a sandwich with some apples slices dipped in peanut butter
  • 12pm: big lunch – if you can, try eating a lot of protein for this meal like some salmon or lean meat
  • 2pm: small snack – even a slice of bread with some peanut butter on it, just try and put something down
  • 4pm: small snack – a cup of assorted nuts
  • 6pm: big dinner – try and carb load here for this meal, like a lot of spaghetti with chicken breasts
  • 8pm: small snack – veggies and fruit
  • 10pm: small meal – lean pocket or chicken pot pie
  • if you happen to wake up for a midnight snack – glass of milk with some peanuts or a PP&J sandwich

Remember to drink a lot of water to help your digestive system with all this new food intake. Just remember to be constantly eating throughout the day!


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